Amanda LaGrange

Marketing & Research Manager

Staying apprised of contemporary marketing trends and research insights enables Amanda to provide unparalleled service to GLD’s brokers, clients and community professionals —

Earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management from Columbus State University set Amanda on the path to a fulfilling career in marketing. Following several years of working with nonprofit organizations, she found her passion in commercial real estate marketing and subsequently obtained her real estate license in 2005.

Amanda handles all aspects of digital, print and media marketing for GLD Commercial, its individual brokers and listed commercial properties. She also oversees and administers the company website, all events and market reports.

A desire to delve further into market insights and trends offered Amanda the opportunity to be instrumental in establishing the Cedar Rapids metro area’s most comprehensive commercial real estate outlook. She consistently tracks market tendencies and transactions throughout the Cedar Rapids metro area, collaborates on data analysis and publication of the midyear and annual outlooks.

“Combining my passion for content creation and research along with my commercial real estate experience and service on Marion’s Planning & Zoning Commission affords me the opportunity to bring a fresh and unique perspective to both marketing and reporting.”

When Amanda isn’t at GLD, you’ll likely find her bike riding, traveling, kayaking, watching documentaries or spending time with her family and pets.