Cedar Rapids Google data center announced

Google announced plans to build a $576 million data center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, making it the largest tech investment in the city to date. The internet giant plans to build one or more data centers along 76th Avenue SW and Edgewood Road SW, adjacent to 145-acre Edgewood Logistics Park.

Cedar Rapids City Manager Jeff Pomeranz noted that this project is the largest economic development project in the city’s history as well as one of the largest projects throughout the state.

Google’s 2022 economic impact report details $1.45 billion of economic activity for thousands of Iowa businesses and entities in relation to its $5 billion Council Bluffs, IA data center complex.

The southwest quadrant of Cedar Rapids benefits from its proximity to Interstate 380 and the Eastern Iowa Airport, leading to explosive growth throughout this area.

Iowa’s affordable and ample supply of wind energy, stable grid, high density of telecommunications infrastructure and low construction costs have led to billions of dollars of investment from tech giants Google, Meta and Microsoft, among others.

The Cedar Rapids Google data center will be situated immediately west of Edgewood Logistics Park. With an existing 203,840 square foot existing warehouse building for lease and up to 78 acres for sale, Edgewood Logistics Park is ripe for development and currently seeking data centers or complementary businesses.

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